The new era of training

“ You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” Steve Jobs

Global training with local focus

We develop efficient tools to address the training for large organizations who have a high level of turn-over and remote locations like merchandisers, distributors sales reps, plants or warehouses operations.
The high performance teams need the best tools to exceed their goals.
We empower this teams.

Connecting Dots specializes in learning & development. We provided dynamic, engaging tools to help build capabilities and help companies outperform in the market. We have the expertise to conceptualize, strategize, develop and deliver learning tools across different countries and different type of retail landscapes.


Digital Training Platforms

Connecting Dots has developed a leading edge way to train large organizations where knowledge of the task to be performed is critical to do the work.

With a description of the training that employees have to receive, we develop the training in a digital platform that is fully animated, extremely user friendly and ready to be used by employees of any educational level.


Plus a gaming section where employees are evaluated on their knowledge after taking each module and there is a central tracking tool to keep track of the # of employees trained and their specific grades.

Conceptual Selling

In Connecting Dots we create visual learning solutions with our platforms "end to end“. We connect the company's strategy with execution, using a modern interface of visual and auditory learning with virtual reality training and the most dynamic process to transfer knowledge to the human capital of your company.

With a brief of the product initiative, Connecting Dots creates a selling story and a concept to be used with the customers. Closing the gap by connecting the marketing organization with the sales force.

Category Management

How to play and how to win with CATMAN tools. We introduce category management as an evolving consumer-led approach to retail product management.

Cutting-edge Technology

We develop a tool with leading edge technology that replaces the traditional power point presentations, and that can be used by any sales person making him/her as prepared as any expert in the company.

Key Benefits for your business

  • Android / Apple / Windows
  • End to End process
  • Globbally Alignment
  • Same picture to employees
  • One Common Language
  • Improve the consumer’s experience
  • Perfect Stores Animations
  • Digital Communication
  • Training Metrics obtention
  • Gamification
  • Tools to connect business with buyers
  • Train, excite, measure and WIN in the market

About us

Connecting Dots is formed by people who are passionate about and for people...
We are a team of professionals with solid careers in sales and marketing with experience in POS execution. We operate in LATAM, with bases in Mexico, Argentina and Peru.
Our tools are developed to inspire individuals and teams on a personal level so capability building and high performance comes from within.

Our Vision

Generate the most relevant tools to train teams around the world.

Our Mission

Offer an online comprehensive solution to training setting clear business priorities by channel and communication that is easy to use and achieves an efficient transfer of knowledge through techniques based on visual learning and visual gaming.

Our commitment

Create state-of-the-art interactive sales training programs and communication platforms aimed at improving and accelerating employees’ knowledge and strategic know-how, reducing company costs and increasing productivity for your company.

Our Goals

  • Offer the best visual learning platforms in apps.
  • Enhance Sales Capabilities.
  • Exceed clients expectations.
  • High-speed execution.

In this fast pace world alignment is critical to be ahead and win in the market.

Our Clients

Connecting Dots can deliver tools with tangible business returns; we have built out credentials working with some of the worlds most renowned organizations in FMCG, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Federico Llorens Boto
“We believe that the high performance teams need the best tools to exceed their goals. We empower this teams.”
Barbara Stok
Senior Consultant
“You focus your team on activities that matters the most to your business”
Norberto Iglesias
“In this fast pace world alignment is critical to be ahead and win in the market.”
Teresa Stok Paget
Key Account Manager
“Makes learning and training fun and effective!”

Our Companies

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